Nizoral not working reddit

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic, recurring, cutaneous condition that causes erythema and flaking, sometimes appearing as macules or plaques with dry white or moist oily scales.

In adults, it commonly occurs in areas with high concentrations of sebaceous glands. The face and scalp are the most frequently affected areas, and involvement of multiple sites is common. Dandruff is regarded as a mild noninflammatory form of seborrheic dermatitis. The cause of seborrheic dermatitis is not well understood, but appears to be related to the composition of the sebaceous gland secretions, the proliferation of Malessezia yeasts, and the host immune response.

Treatment options for nonscalp and scalp seborrheic dermatitis include topical agents and shampoos containing antifungal agents, anti-inflammatory agents, keratolytic agents, and calcineurin inhibitors. Because multiple body sites are usually involved, the physician should examine all commonly affected areas. Patients should be made aware that seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic condition that will probably recur even after successful treatment. Seborrheic dermatitis SDa chronic, recurrent, inflammatory condition characterized by erythema and skin flaking, may be resistant to treatment and often has a substantial negative impact on quality of life.

Although the causes of SD are not completely understood, progress has been made in this area, and several effective treatment options are available. This article will review the clinical presentation of SD and the current understanding of its etiology and discuss currently available treatment options. Seborrheic dermatitis may appear as macules or thin plaques with a reddish or yellow appearance and dry white or moist oily scales. In adults, SD is a chronic, recurrent condition marked by periods of exacerbation occurring at variable intervals.

The infantile form of SD is a self-limited condition generally resolving by age three or four months. Some controversy has surrounded the relationship between SD and dandruff.

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Most authors now agree that dandruff is a mild, noninflammatory form of SD. Although the causes of SD are not completely understood, it appears to result from a combination of the following three factors: sebaceous gland secretion, presence of Malassezia yeast, and the host immune response.

Sebum is an important component of skin surface lipids and contains high amounts of squalene, wax esters, and triglycerides. The role of Malassezia yeasts in SD is somewhat controversial, although most researchers believe they play an important role.

Does Rogaine Work? For Hairline, Vertex, Thinning, Women, & Beards

Malassezia exist not only on the skin surface, but also within the layers of the stratum corneum, and a true count would require examining the full thickness of the skin squama. The role of the host immune response in the pathogenesis of SD is uncertain. Some researchers have reported increased numbers of natural killer cells, CD16 cells, and inflammatory interleukins and activation of complement in the lesional skin of patients with SD compared with their own nonlesional skin or the skin of healthy controls.

Thus, a definitive understanding of the pathophysiology of SD awaits further research, but the role of Malassezia yeasts as causative or contributing agents appears to be well established.

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The differential diagnosis of SD should include psoriasis, rosacea, Demodex dermatitis, atopic eczema, pityriasis versicolor, contact dermatitis, and tinea infections. Care should be taken to differentiate SD from psoriasis vulgaris. Some patients present with sebopsoriasis, which includes features of both disease states. The primary goals of therapy for SD are to clear the visible signs of disease and reduce bothersome symptoms, especially pruritus.Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by obsessive editors.

nizoral not working reddit

At no extra cost to you, things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Last Updated on May 22, Rogaine is perhaps the best marketed solution to hair loss today. It is an extremely popular treatment. Aside from ill-fitting wigs, it is a favorite even in pop culture to take jabs at, because the use of the product for hair loss is so widely spread and well known.

However, more importantly than its notoriety, is whether it cures hair loss. Does Rogaine work? Does it work for women? Furthermore, do the majority of users get good results? We look to answer these questions in the following discussion. In this informational page, we look at some of the most popular clinical studies done on Rogaine, discuss whether or not Rogaine really works, our take on its validity as a hair loss solution, and the potential side effects.

For a comparison and list of options of minoxidil products, we suggest checking out our best minoxidil page. Show me that data. The most important thing when studying any hair loss treatment is looking at the verified results.

The great thing about minoxidil the key ingredient in Rogaine is that there has been a ton of research done on its effectiveness. Rogaine is one of the few FDA-approved products to help regrow hair.

nizoral not working reddit

In clinical testing, Rogaine regrew hair in about 9 out of 10 men after 4 months when used twice daily. Here is a list of some of the most prominent studies and research:. Minoxidil, the primary active ingredient in Rogaine, is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator medication. Quite a mouthful really. This is just a fancy way to say it widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow.

You may have heard that minoxidil first came about in the s. It was created by the Upjohn Company and was initially thought to be a cure for ulcers. It was not successful, but was found to be a potent vasodilator. This eventually led to FDA approval of minoxidil in the form of oral tablets for high blood pressure.

It was given the name Loniten. During this road, scientists found that minoxidil had an unusual side effect: unexpected hair growth.

This ultimately culminated in FDA approval for hair loss prevention in under the name Rogaine. Rogaine works by massaging the medication solution into the scalp, usually twice daily. You want to get about 1ml worth per treatment. That is the equivalent to about half the hollow cap that pops off the top. Rogaine says users should expect to see results in about 4 to 6 months.

Rogaine acts to promote hair growth by causing hyperpolarization of cell membranes. This means it expands blood vessels and potassium channels.Ketoconazole is scientifically linked to improvements in hair growth, making it worth using as a male pattern baldness treatment.

One study from compared ketoconazole and minoxidil to see which had the best effects on hair growth. Male pattern baldness is caused by dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, an androgen that affects the hair follicles in men with a genetic predisposition to baldness.

Over time, DHT can cause hair follicles to miniaturize and gradually stop producing new hairs. Medication like finasteride works by preventing DHT from developing in the first place, stopping any DHT-induced damage to hair follicles.

One scientific paper from presents a hypothesis that ketoconazole can disrupt the DHT pathway, potentially inhibiting DHT and slowing down hair loss. The researchers propose that ketoconazole could potentially be used as an adjunct to finasteride for stronger hair retention.

Our post on preventing dandruff shares several treatment options for improving your scalp health. Ketoconazole shampoos like Nizoral are often touted online as being one of the "big three" hair loss prevention products, the other being finasteride and minoxidil. You can use a gentler DHT blocking shampoo the rest of the week.

Can Ketoconazole Shampoo Help With Hair Loss?

You can read more about how male pattern baldness happens in our DHT and Male Hair Loss guidewhich explains how you can prevent male hormones like DHT from damaging your hair follicles. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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Windows checks to see if updated driver software is available. If updating the driver did not resolve the issue, continue to the next section. The troubleshooting tool can fix common problems with audio recording. Follow these steps to use the Troubleshooting tool:. Figure: Select device to troubleshoot.Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: early 20s, finasteride not working? Hi Everybody, I'm new to this forum- anyways- here's my story. I would appreciate the feedback.

I'm currently in my early 20s years old.

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My hair loss was not terrible- you probably couldn't tell I was thinning unless you looked closely or I was in pretty bad lighting. Plus, my hair grows such that they fall over my temples. I did the technique of taking 1 mg once every week for two weeks, then twice every week for two weeks, and so on until I hit 1 mg a day about 14 weeks later.

During this time I experienced a big shed for a few months lots of hair would be in my hands when I shampooed. However, I did experience sexual sides at this point, so I tapered off, and then tapered on again, and my sides gradually went away. My shed also went away. However, my hairline seems to have gotten worse. The lighting seems to play a role in how the crown looks. My hair "feels" less dense when I shampoo it I wash hair every day and it looks a bit crappy completely wet although I have straight Asian hair, which I guess will let scalp show through more easily when wet.

But I'm not shedding profusely i. Also, my libido was pretty high for a while a few months back i. I was getting off several times a day - but this might have been because I was eating like half an avocado a day. Right now it is okay.

nizoral not working reddit

I'm currently not taking any other medication besides using a shampoo with ketoconzole twice a week. Basically, I have no sides with finasteride, but it doesn't seem to be working that well.

My hair is not shedding like crazy like it did when I first started finasteride. I've been fully on propecia for about 10 months I technically started a year ago, but I was tapering on and off to try and adjust to sides.

What should I do?For younger men looking to keep a full head of hair, and the rest of us who just want to keep our hair loss from getting any worse, this treatment is key. Find out why Propecia is the leader of the pack in clinically-proven hair loss treatments, and why you should include it in your regimen. Are you female? Propecia is not for you, without consent of your physician. Propecia is an offshoot of another medication called Proscar, which has been widely used since As hair loss is primarily linked to the effects of DHT, it was reasoned that Finasteride would help stop or reverse the process.

A 1mg version called Propecia was released in To date, Propecia has the longest, most successful run of any treatment to have undergone FDA trials.

We have members here on HairLossTalk who have successfully maintained their hair using Propecia coupled with Nizoral shampoo for nearly 20 years.

You may see some improvement in year 3. But its after this point that hair seems to stay at a constant density for many many years, to decades. It is a very mild shed but it is advised that you hold off on your expectations for results during this time period if you are easily bothered, or tend to be OCD about your hair.

Shedding is completely normal, and is only temporary. Using an anti-inflammatory shampoo like Nizoral or Regenepure will calm the scalp, and enable your treatments to do their job much more effectively.

This is an unbelievably important element of successfully treating your hair loss. The owner of this site saw continued shedding up until the 11 month mark because nobody had told him he needed Nizoral. As soon as he started calming the inflammation, the hair started growing back in. Generic Finasteride is a legitimate 1mg tablet of Finasteride, just like Propecia.

HairLossTalk Members have recommended a trusted online source for Generic Finasteride, which ships directly to you. Testosterone floating in the bloodstream of the typical adult male routinely combines with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The result of this interaction forms the more potent sexual hormone known as DHT Dihydrotestosterone. When a man begins to lose his hair, certain genetically programmed follicles begin to develop DHT receptor sites. The DHT attaches itself to these receptor sites and begins to treat the follicle as a foreign object in the body.

This chemical change not only affects hair.

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It can cause itching, inflammation, and oiliness. During this time, the follicle, under the attack of DHT, begins to miniaturize with every growth cycle, until after several years, it simply is too small and short to be seen. When this treatment is taken, it works to inhibit the formation of DHT in the system. Within a few months, the overall DHT levels will have remained low enough on a constant basis that the adverse effects DHT is having on the follicles will stop, resulting in stopping hair loss.

According to Merck sales data from tothere were over 20 million sales of Propecia in that 6-year period alone. This means hundreds of millions of prescriptions have been filled for Propecia over the last 20 years, without a single concern. Lately there has been an absurd amount of misinformation flying around, fueled by Lawyers who want to start frivolous lawsuits.This in-depth guide will take a close look at ketoconazole: its uses, how it works, and the relevant research studies.

But many people do use ketoconazole. In fact, a much better option for getting the benefits of ketoconazole after 4 years researching and experimentingwithout any side effects, is to simply use 4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to wash your hair, once or twice per week.

An antifungal drug used primarily in the treatment of fungal infections, ketoconazole was discovered in by Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium. There are a few brand names under which it is sold, such as Extina, Xolegel, and Ketoderm. However, the most popular brand name is Nizoral.

This is one of the most common anti-dandruff medications on the market today. In this article we will be looking primarily at the shampoo version, but ketoconazole is available in many forms. These include a gel, foam, cream, and even tablets for oral consumption more on these later. The main mechanism by which ketoconazole operates is through its killing of fungi and yeasts. The drug stops the production of an organic molecule commonly found in fungus and yeast — ergosterol — and this interferes with the cell membrane of both organisms.

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This means it is effective against many species of micro-organisms. These include not only the fungus responsible for most cases of dandruff discussed below but many other, often more severe, fungal infections of the scalp.


It is important to stress at the outset that ketoconazole is sold as an over-the-counter medicated shampoo for the treatment of dandruff and certain fungal infections. Depending on its form topical or oral ketoconazole can be used to treat fungal infections in most parts of the body.

Male pattern hair loss is not a fungal condition. So neither the manufacturer markets Nizoral shampoo as a treatment for pattern hair loss, nor has the FDA approved it for this indication. Having said that, in recent years ketoconazole shampoos have gained somewhat of a following among certain segments of the hair loss community.

Supporters of ketoconazole often reference a handful of research studies conducted some years ago.

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The authors of those studies looked at ketoconazole shampoos outside of their intended use, and in particular as a treatment against male pattern baldness. We will review this research shortly. This will give you a better idea of how this medication works. In a subsequent section we will look at the limited data there is with regards to its action as a hair loss treatment. This condition — characterized by itching and large, white flakes — is more than just a case of dry scalp. All healthy people lose skin cells on their scalp and the rest of their body all the time, but these are normally not visible.

The white, ugly, crusty flakes we see in dandruff are actually a cluster of dead skin cells that for one reason or another retained a high degree of cohesion and detached as one piece from the scalp.

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This is a condition believed to have many causes, including airborne chemicals and even stress. But in most cases, the chief culprit is a fungus by the name of Malassezia. This is a family of fungi normally found in the scalp of healthy people. But in dandruff, Malassezia multiplies out of control, and it basically takes over the scalp. Be that as it may, the evidence implicating Malassezia in the pathogenesis of dandruff is strong.

And, whatever the mechanism is, the fact is that getting rid of Malassezia often helps get rid of the symptoms of dandruff. And ketoconazole is very good at doing this. With a powerful anti-fungal like ketoconazole, the yeast is no longer able to reproduce or survive.

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